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Awareness workshops


Our workshops successfully increase your organization's ability to manage cybersecurity risks. Our methodolgy combines the four key components of successful cyber security awareness and training programs.

General Users

Duration: 2-4 Hours

Audience: All staff


  • Defend Yourself Against Malware
  • Good Password Practice
  • Secure Use of E-Mail
  • Safe Surfing
  • Physical Security
  • Social Engineering/Phishing
  • Social Media Security
  • Mobile Devices Security

Duration: 45– 60 Minutes

Audience: All management staff


  • The Need For Information Security
  • Cost Of No Investment (CONI)
  • Return of Investment (ROI)
  • Financial/Legal  Liability
  • ISO27001
  • Data Classification & Ownership
  • Business Continuity
IT Staff

Duration: 8 Hours

Audience: All IT staff

  • Introduction to Security Terminology
  • ISO27001 Essentials
  • Risk Assessment
  • Network Security Fundamentals
  • Host Security Fundamentals
  • Security Attacks and Protection
  • Web Security
  • Cryptography