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Security Awareness Reminders that can be present via Posters, Rollups, Screensavers, Emailers, Videos, Infographics, or Games. 


• This will encourage security conscious behavior. 

• Help build a strong security-minded culture within your organization. 

• Keep your organization informed. 

• Ensure that staff are engaged with your information security measures and cyber security.

 Reminder tools specifications:


• All can be branded “Add your company logo and make the colors go with your company theme”.

• All can be customized “You can edit the text to go with your company standards and regulations and request new topics”.

• All are available in Arabic and English.


Posters & Rollups

Why posters?

Posters and Rollups are a cornerstone of any security awareness program. By placing them in popular places (Lobbies, Cafeterias, and Meeting Rooms, just to name a few), the employees will view them more often.

Roll-ups stand in the crowd. With over 200 designs grouped in different message categories, customers can choose the one that suits them best. Each design is built with the goal to address specific messages.  


Want to have posters or rollups with your logo and theme? Maybe addressing a specific policy relating to your organization? No worries, our expert designers can work with you to get the right messages with the right design that meets the culture of the organization.


Our security awareness screensavers are a great way to share cybersecurity best practices with your organization every day.

Email Messages


Email shot messages provide a smart, professional, and cost-effective way in raising the awareness of your audience.


You can choose from over 150+ readymade bilingual flyers in our library, or we can create ones specifically for you that would match your organization's culture and give it the impact you want while adhering to your branding guidelines.


Topics available for Emailers, Posters, screensavers

Short, concise, and to the point


Nothing says it better than our short videos when you want to interchange between eLearning and a more entertaining platform. Videos are another great reminder tool used to remind users on regular bases about good security practices. Choose from over 30+ videos in our library or we can help you create your own.


Our team developed organized, colorful, and eye-catching infographics to stress your security awareness messages.


Games are fun

Learn with fun! Security awareness through interactive games is proven to achieve user engagement and information retention.

Games are engaging

Challenge your employees into a fun game while they practice the concepts taught in the eLearning modules. Choose from a variety of fun games.

Our games are customizable

Want to have these games customized with your logo and theme; worry no more!! We can brand any of our games to reflect the culture of your organization.