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ExceedGRC™ Tool




Stop using spreadsheets, documents and/or collaboration portals, incident management system, as well as email threads and individual calendars to manage your GRC initiatives. This is inefficient, error prone, costly, and a risk by itself. 

GRC activities are primarily a matter of “people and processes” and tools come second. Our EXCEEDGRC™ has a simple, user-friendly interface, easy to understand workflows, a short learning curve, and will be fully functional in a matter of days. EXCEEDGRC™ was developed to save you the maximum amount of time getting your tasks done.



Phase 1: Governance


Set of rules, controls, policies, and resolutions put in place to dictate corporate behavior (Cybersecurity)

Phase 2: Risk Assessment

Identifying and analyzing potential events that may negatively impact individuals, assets, and/or the environment

Phase 3: Compliance and Gaps

The level of complying with a command, desire, wish, order, or rule. And/or adhering to requirements, standards, or regulation

Phase 4: Risk Mitigation


The process of planning and developing methods and options to reduce threats and/or risks to Organization’s objectives




By connecting the Policy to Risk Management and getting the feedback from the Compliance module, this will help organization better: 

Governance Management:

Build the right policies and processes in the organization that adheres to the selected standards. 

Risk Management:

Understand and evaluate value of Risks associated with operational activities.

Compliance Management:

Determine the level of compliance by determining the level of compliance and Gaps from implementing the desired controls. 

The ExceedGRC™ platform is offered in comprehensive package to meet the needs of all organizations .

Main features

Simple dashboards available for all modules to show the current status as well as history for each activity performed in the tool.

Different approaches for performing risk assessment (detailed at the asset level, or summary by the group level).

Customizable classification schema for the risk management methodology.

Our Task view makes providing supporting documentation and notes incredibly simple, giving all departments a painless way to stay on the path to remaining in compliance.

Built-in libraries for Policies, Threats, Vulnerabilities, Controls, and questionnaires for Asset and threat valuation, all those libraries are customizable.

Gap Assessment. This is the central location for you as the administrator to view all your controls and business processes.

Different level of access based on the role in the organization.

Different types of reports for each module, customizable.

Ability to upload your Policies, Controls, Assets, Risks and much more.

Assign responsibility to individual users, manage testing schedules setting specific dates, and track evidence and requirements in the Controls view.

Building different scopes for the risk and compliance modules.


History logs available for comparison.


Our Controls Library contains a listing of all controls created within your account allowing you to see which scope the control relates to, its frequency, the responsible individual and its ongoing.