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Effective data governance provides a variety of benefits to organizations, including improvements in operational efficiency, data quality and business decision-making.

All companies face the need to measure and analyze their business performance. The bigger the organization, the bigger the problem, with various operating companies, business units and departments all having their own priorities and ways of doing things. That includes how they handle their data, which makes strong enterprise data governance a must.

Our ExceedGovernance™ tool will help you with

Built-in policies that are addressing all the organization's security requirements in relation to information. 

Security management, mapped to a wide range of standards and requirements, this is designed to serve.  

The approved policies shall be utilized in performing a compliance review and risk assessment at a later stage. The level of implementation of those controls shall be measured and evaluated to determine the level of compliance and risk that the organization is facing. 

Tracking Policies development and approval is a key element in achieving the improvement in the organization. Policies can be shared and communicated to users for compliance and implementation, different report levels and templates can be generated from our solution, customized to organization’s needs.  

Customizable policies with the ability to add/modify statements and controls shall help our customers to build up very comprehensive policies and controls in the organization.