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This practical tool allows users access to the information usually presented in online cybersecurity awareness workshops. It allows the customer to enroll all their staff for short web-based training modules, which they can go over at their convenience, and then take a quiz to validate gained knowledge.


Focused training

Each of our modules provides an average of 5 to 15 minutes of training about a specific security awareness topic. We have three categorize based on the end user level: General user, IT Admins and Executive. End users participate in our learning activities found in each module and end-of-lesson “Quiz” to test their understanding of the materials. 




Immediate feedback

End users receive feedback on each challenge question, whether it’s right or wrong. This helps them learn at every step; they will understand why their selection was correct or incorrect rather than seeing a basic “right/wrong” indicator.

General Benefits of the ExceedLMS™


  • • ExceedLMS™ ExceedLMS gives users the ability to register themselves. 
  • • Set course availability period.
  • • Configurable ExceedLMS™ front page to meet the organization's look and feel.
  • • Custom build your program by choosing different training modules.
  • • Course modification.
  • • ExceedLMS™ solution provides the ability to divide the courses into categories, where each category may contain a group of courses bundled in a specific sequence (preconditions, progress, examinations, and reporting).
  • • Each participant will have a profile and needs to pass a specific (parameter driven) percentage of the courses to be flagged "Category X" certified.
  • • ExceedLMS™ enforces concepts and topics presented in workshops.
  • • ExceedLMS™ provides users with extra exercises and information about security awareness topics.
  • • Fully compliant with
    • • SCORM 1.2
    • • SCORM 1.3 (2004)
  • • Automatic e-mail notifications by integrating the e-mail server securely.  
  • • ExceedLMS™ provides organizations with Web 2.0 and Ajax technologies. 
  • • ExceedLMS™ Implementation could be either on-premises or cloud-based subscription.
  • • Keeps users updated with the courses and learning modules the organization design and publish.
  • • ExceedAware™ meets mandated compliance requirements. 
  • • Host Live training.
  • • SCORM complainant courses import.
  • • Automatic E-mail Notifications for group administrators or/and students:
    • • Group enrolment.
    • • Group enrolment requests.
    • • Group enrolment acceptance/rejection.
    • • Group enrolment confirmation.
  • • Multilingual support for system & content.
  • • Modules are available in both languages arabic and english.

Accounts Management

• ExceedLMS™ provides built-in account management if the organization will consider creating a local account for the management or any other purpose.

• ExceedLMS™ provides a secure LDAP integration with the organization's Active Directory to fully manage users' accounts and their properties. 

• ExceedLMS™ provides users with the self-registration feature or using manual registration. 

• Registration by a verification e-mail.

• Enrollment by administrator approval. 

• Manual registration of users by the administrator.

• ExceedLMS™ allows the organization to define role-based permissions; for example, you can define Program Manager, Department Manager, System Admin, or Content Admin roles and provide them with the needed permissions to perform their specifics tasks.    

• ExceedLMS™ allows users to create their passwords within defined parameters (length and complexity requirements) set by the admin.

Course Features

courses are designed for ease of use, and with the needs of end-users (usually non-technical staff) firmly in mind. A typical course includes:


  • • A simple navigation system and indexing to navigate the course content easily. 
  • • Book-marking (through the ExceedLMS™), which helps the users to continue from the last point where they left the system.
  • • "Callouts" designed to supply additional information where required.
  • • Interactive exercises and/or pop quizzes.
  • • A mastery test and certificate of completion.
  • • Course groups.

Course features

  • • Modules are available in Arabic and English.
  • • Our content is a combination of text with voiceover, videos, learning activities, and quizzes to retain audience attention.
  • • Different types of courses offered:
    • • Regular modules which contain:
      • - 30-second video 
      • - Introduction
      • - Learning activities 
      • - Best practices
      • - Conclusion 
      • - 10 questions quiz 
    • • Nano Modules which contain:
      • - Infographic video around 2-3 minutes
      • - 5 questions quiz

Reporting and Learning Progress

  • • Track learner performance and grades.
  • • Configure custom grading/assessment scales.
  • • Configure custom items to be graded/assessed.
  • • Export data in different formats:
    • - CSV
    • - XLS
  • • Track user's activity statistics.
  • • Track the learning material usage statistics.
  • • View reports:
    • - learner progress report.
    • - course completion report.
    • - course material access report.
  • • Configure criteria and filters for reports.
  • • Export reports in different formats:
    • - CSV
    • - XLS
    • - PDF

At any time, management can monitor who has started and completed the course, and who has and has not passed the test.  This platform is available in both on-premises and cloud implementations, and the interface will be configured to reflect the company's identity. A completion certificate will be issued to confirm users' attendance and passing at the end of the course quiz.