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Today, most organizations are required to follow some type of regulations, standards, or follow industry best practices. Managing compliance with one regulation or framework is time-consuming. Having multiple regulations becomes impractical to manage without automation. ExceedGRC™ effectively reduces the time you need to satisfy all requirements necessary to meet compliance goals, leading to significantly less time and money spent dealing with compliance and audits. 

By utilizing the approved policies in the Governance module, and the desired regulations, with the help of pre-defined questionnaire for the selected controls, you can easily and efficiently run a gap assessment report that will show you the status of implementation and the maturity of each control selected. 

The results of the Gap Assessment and based on the implementation level of each control shall affect the level of risk you are exposed to; the higher the compliance level of the controls selected achieved, the less risk you will be exposed to.

Using the built-in quick setup capability, ExceedGRC™ can have you on your way to improved compliance quickly. 
ExceedGRC™ includes pre-built requirements templates for the most widely used regulations. 

Our consultants can support you to create new templates as regulations change or are update. There is no need for you to monitor confusing changes in regulations anymore.